Grow Your Network, Grow Your Profits – Multiply your network by 10X in 3 weeks

Grow Your Network, Grow Your Profits – Multiply your network by 10X in 3 weeks

बिज़नस नेटवर्किंग क्यूँ करें, कैसे करें, नेटवर्क को नेटवर्थ कैसे बनायें, लोगों से बिना हेजिटेशन से कैसे जुड़े, सबका जवाब यहीं है.

क्यूंकि बिज़नस और में आगे रहना है तो, सबसे पहले लोगों से जुड़ना और जुड़े रहना सीख लीजिये.

Get ready to Speak Confidently, Influence People & Create a Lasting Impression with Your Vibrant Communication Skills

बिज़नस नेटवर्किंग क्यूँ करें, कैसे करें, नेटवर्क को नेटवर्थ कैसे बनायें, लोगों से बिना हेजिटेशन से कैसे जुड़े, सबका जवाब यहीं है.

And achieve Higher Salary, More Recognition & Corporate Success

Get ready to Speak Confidently, Influence People & Create a Lasting Impression with Your Vibrant Communication Skills

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How this program will 10X your Network and Business-?

If this sounds exactly like you then you must master your communications skills to excel in your corporate career

Get Started By Kickstarting Your Journey With
“Corporate Communication Workshop”

A 2 Hour Live Workshop with proven secrets & instantly applicable techniques to enhance your corporate success with exceptional communication skills.

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For Whom Is This Workshop For

Corporate Employee

Who wants to improve their communication skills to get the hike, promotion and recognition they truly deserve for their work.

IT/Tech Professional

Who finds it difficult to convey technical concepts clearly to non-technical people and give easy-to-understand solutions.


Who wants to influence and inspire team members and provide constructive feedback for boosting overall team performance.

CEO / Founder

Who wants to clearly share their company’s vision, effectively communicate goals, inspire their teams, raise money, and build strong relationships with stakeholders.

Salesmen & Customer Support

Who want to clock in targets and get high conversions through positive influence and magnetic personality.

Subject Matter Experts

Who have immense knowledge in a particular field and now want to teach and coach people in a simplified manner to produce best results

Or anyone who wants to develop their Corporate Communication Skills and Accelerate their Career to the next level!

Communication hands down is the backbone of a successful career irrespective of the field you choose

A person good at communicating can easily beat a person with hard work, technical knowledge, better marks & degrees

With Excellent Communication Skills, You Will Be Able To

"You Must Join This Workshop If You Are"


“An Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner Eager to Expand Your Network and Boost Business Opportunities.”


“An Introvert Seeking to Overcome Networking Challenges and Harness the Power of Meaningful Connections.”


“A Sales Professional Wanting to Master the Art of Building Long-Term Client Relationships.”


“A Freelancer or Consultant Hoping to Create a Strong Personal Brand and Attract High-Value Clients.”


“An Executive or Manager Looking to Strengthen Your Leadership Network and Influence.”


“A Job Seeker Wanting to Discover How Networking Can Unlock Hidden Employment Opportunities.”


” Development Specialist Seeking to Foster Lucrative Partnerships and Alliances.”

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I’ve Something More For You!

Cheatsheets, Worksheets, Ebooks

Boost your professional communication skills with our comprehensive collection of Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, and Ebooks. Enhance your corporate communication effortlessly and excel in every business interaction.

Priced ₹ 1,997/-

Master Presentation Skills and Templates from Steve Jobs

Transform your delivery, captivate audiences, and leave a lasting impression with Steve Jobs's masterful techniques and curated presentation templates.

Priced ₹ 1,997/-

How to Influence people like Modi

Unlock the secrets of effective influence with our guide inspired by the charisma of Modi. Learn the art of persuasive communication and harness your influence to inspire and lead.

Priced ₹ 1,997/-

Confidence Hacks from Shashi Tharoor

Unleash your inner confidence with Shashi Tharoor's powerful hacks. Master self-assurance, command attention, and conquer any room with unwavering poise.

Priced ₹ 1,997/-

Get All This Inside The Workshop

Total Value Of Bonuses: ₹12,000

Normal Workshop Ticket Price: ₹999

Buy Now At Just ₹299

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Meet your Coach

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar is renowned as the “Yellow Pages” of networking due to his vast and diverse network spanning Ministries, bureaucracy, media, corporate, Bollywood, medical, and more. Over 16 years, he transformed from arriving in Delhi with no contacts to cultivating a rich tapestry of relationships.

With over 13 years of corporate experience with AXIS, ICICI, AU Bank, Amway, and SBI cards, Praveen has honed his networking finesse. He founded “The Trainers’ Camp,” a community of 16,000 trainers across India, showcasing his commitment to networking excellence.

As the Founder and CEO of SkillingYou, an acclaimed EdTech startup, Praveen’s leadership and innovative vision led to recognition as one of India’s top 100 promising startups by Google and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. SkillingYou received incubation from Google, MeitY, AWS, Agora, and TiE.

Praveen Kumar’s journey emphasizes investing in people before machines, making him a trailblazer in networking. He’s ready to share his wealth of knowledge, guiding you to master the art of networking in the digital age and unlock boundless opportunities. Join Praveen Kumar, the “Yellow Pages” of networking, on a transformative journey to revolutionize your networking prowess and shape a brighter future. Welcome aboard!

Still Not Sure why to invest your time and money?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop is designed for professionals from all industries, entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and anyone seeking to enhance their networking skills to advance their career or grow their business.

Absolutely! Our workshop caters to individuals of all personality types and experience levels. We provide tailored strategies to help introverts thrive in networking situations and equip newcomers with essential networking techniques.

Our workshop goes beyond the basics of networking. You’ll gain insider insights from our seasoned expert, Praveen Kumar, who has built an extensive network across diverse industries. You’ll learn practical techniques, industry-specific tips, and the art of authentic relationship-building.

What sets us apart is our trainer’s “Yellow Pages” reputation, cultivated through years of passionate networking and vast connections. Additionally, Praveen’s practical corporate experience and success in building one of India’s largest Training communities bring unmatched value to our workshop.

Absolutely! Our workshop covers both online and offline networking strategies, enabling you to leverage the power of digital platforms and in-person interactions to expand your reach and influence.

Yes, we believe in ongoing support for our participants. After the workshop, you’ll gain access to a supportive community and resources that will continue to nurture your networking journey.

Our workshop is designed to cater to a wide range of aspirations and industries. We recommend reaching out to us directly to discuss your specific goals and how our program can benefit you.

Our workshop is highly interactive, with a mix of engaging activities, practical exercises, and opportunities for networking practice. We believe in hands-on learning to make the experience enriching and enjoyable.

Praveen Kumar’s remarkable journey, known as the “Yellow Pages” of networking, speaks volumes about his credibility. With years of experience, successful corporate tenure, and an acclaimed EdTech startup, Praveen’s expertise is unmatched.

Enrolling in the workshop is simple. Visit our website’s enrollment page, and you’ll find various payment options to secure your spot. For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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